How To Bartend

So you want to know How To Bartend? Well there are different ways that you can get your start in a Bartending Career… You can start off by working in a restaurant as a Server.  A lot of restaurant’s serve drinks… so you as a Server would be going up to the bar and ordering the  drinks from the bartender that you need for people at your tables.

You as a  Server would most likely have to put your own garnish’s  on the drink glasses.  Example- Bloody Mary-Garnish- Stick of celery, Lime wedge, Olive. Most of the time the place that you work will have there pacific garnishes that they use. This will teach you how to garnish a drink.

You will be watching the bartender make many of the drinks that you order so you will be learning How drinks are made.

So by ordering , watching, and garnishing your drinks you will be learning about the different drinks that are made by a bartender. So you are in a sense learning How To Bartend ! You are just not pouring the liquor into the glass or doing any blending or mixing. But you are Learning..

Working as a server you can request at some point that you would like to work behind the bar. And if the manager feels that you have been with the company for a while they might give you a try behind the bar.
But if I was you… I would take a course on line while working as a Server …so that you will  know exactly what to do behind the bar and How To Bartend and do the job professionally. You will be ahead  of the game! Bartendingexposed

The next way that you can learn How To Bartend is to take a Bartending course on line. If you take a bartending course on line you will save a lot of Money…And You will Learn all the Basics that a school will teach you , but to go to  a school you will pay 300.00 or more to learn the same things a book/course will teach you.

Bartending is all about learning your drink recipes, Bar set up , Opening and Closing procedures, Handling money{ your bank.} These are a few things that you must know. Usually a good bartending Book/course can walk you through everything that you need to know. Without having to pay a fortune. So if you can pour from a liquor  bottle and make a drink for your self you can do this for other people!  You just need to study the book/course.

A bartending book/course is great for collage students and people who can not afford to go to  a Bartending School, or for people who can catch on just by reading and studying a book. They can just download the book/course and start studying, and they can do this in there free time. No traveling across town,  and no high cost for a school.  And you  get the same education but for less . Just no hands on pouring the drinks. Personally, I hate to travel across town. I would rather down load a bartending book/course and start studying at home …when I want to . But there are some people who feel that they need to practice there pouring techniques. So those people  pay a lot of extra money to learn their  pouring techniques  at a school.  Boy.. to me that extra money they spend to learn how to pour could be put to better use.  Any way, moving on.

Next way to Learn How To Bartend : Is to go to a bartending school. If you choose to go to a school  the school will teach you your drink recipes, bar set up, etc. You will learn how beer is made, wine etc. To me this is a waste of time. In all the years that I have bartended I have never been  asked”How is  beer was made?”

Anyway, I know that a bartending School means well. But this is one reason I wrote Bartndingexposed to skip over all the unnecessary things that a school teaches that never comes up in a real bar. And the high cost!  You can learn How To Bartend without paying a fortune! You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to become a Bartender! You just have to study! And say I can do this! And you will. How To Bartend will be a thing in your past!. Then you will say “I understand why I do not need to Pay a fortune to Learn… “How To Bartend.”   E.McCarthy

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